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Nov 03

Blog inside

Tumblr will no more be used for our blog section. You will now find our latest news and updates directly on http://minecraft-mp.com/blog/

Oct 31

Premium contest, win a slot on the first page

Minecraft Multiplayer will offer a free “Premium” slot on the first page from 7th to 14th November for the winner server.

The 7th November at 15:00 CEST we will drawn a server that meet the requirements. The winner server will be placed on a 6th slot on the first page for a full week from 7th November at 16:00 CEST to 14th November at 16:00 CEST. 


So, how to participate in this contest?

It’s very easy, just be sure that you meet the requirements.

How to view the list of achievements?


Oct 22

Minecraft Schematics - show/share your talent

You are a great builder and you want to show/share your talent?

"Minecraft Schematics" is the right place for that. Share and show your creation by posting your creation schematic, using Worldedit or Mcedit.

"Minecraft Schematics" is now the little brother of "Minecraft Multiplayer" and the two sites will work together.


Oct 07

Premium subscriptions for October

You want your server on first page/top of Minecraft Multiplayer?

Premium subscriptions on Minecraft Multiplayer for October 2012 has started and will end on October 12, 2012 at 22:00 CEST.

You can subscribe here to become Premium: 


Oct 02

Increased security for votes / A new partner

We have just added more controls/checks to increase security for votes and avoid abuse.

As a reminder, vote abuse can be punished from votes reset to a complete ban.

We have also a new partner: MCdigr.

MCdigr has found its footing as not only the premiere Minecraft analytics engine for servers, but a social platform for players to show their skill and superiority.  MCDigr is the go-to service for seeing your Minecraft statistics - all in real time! We offer a web dashboard and embeddable widgets on your site for Blocks Placed/Broken, Kills, Deaths, Player time, Joins, Chats - even ratios and rankings!!!!

Come check us out today at MCdigr.com!

(Source: minecraft-mp.com)

Sep 20

Premium servers for September

Sep 19

1.2.4 Update

The 1.2.4 is mainly a bug fixes update but some changes are important for the score.

Some lines of the changelog:

- “Tweets” does not count anymore in the score

- Bonus for using the “Advanced Minecraft query” was lowered from 30% to 20% in the score

(Source: minecraft-mp.com)

Sep 17

New attendance record

Minecraft Multiplayer just hit a new attendance record yesterday (sunday, the 16th september) :

- 21,037 unique daily visitors

- 62,124 daily pageviews

Source: Google Analytics

(Source: minecraft-mp.com)

Sep 10

Premium subscriptions for September

You want your server on top of Minecraft Multiplayer? Premium subscriptions are open until September 12th!!!


Aug 31

1.2 “End of Summer” update

- New feature: “Groups”: http://minecraft-mp.com/groups/

- New feature: “Achievements leaderboard”: http://minecraft-mp.com/achievements/leaderboard/

- Users profile

- Removed bottom adbox

- New bbcodes for descriptions

- Lots of bug fixes, optimisations

- Added Reddit to share options