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Increased security for votes / A new partner

We have just added more controls/checks to increase security for votes and avoid abuse.

As a reminder, vote abuse can be punished from votes reset to a complete ban.

We have also a new partner: MCdigr.

MCdigr has found its footing as not only the premiere Minecraft analytics engine for servers, but a social platform for players to show their skill and superiority.  MCDigr is the go-to service for seeing your Minecraft statistics - all in real time! We offer a web dashboard and embeddable widgets on your site for Blocks Placed/Broken, Kills, Deaths, Player time, Joins, Chats - even ratios and rankings!!!!

Come check us out today at MCdigr.com!

1.2.4 Update

The 1.2.4 is mainly a bug fixes update but some changes are important for the score.

Some lines of the changelog:

- “Tweets” does not count anymore in the score

- Bonus for using the “Advanced Minecraft query” was lowered from 30% to 20% in the score

New attendance record

Minecraft Multiplayer just hit a new attendance record yesterday (sunday, the 16th september) :

- 21,037 unique daily visitors

- 62,124 daily pageviews

Source: Google Analytics

1.2 “End of Summer” update

- New feature: “Groups”: http://minecraft-mp.com/groups/

- New feature: “Achievements leaderboard”: http://minecraft-mp.com/achievements/leaderboard/

- Users profile

- Removed bottom adbox

- New bbcodes for descriptions

- Lots of bug fixes, optimisations

- Added Reddit to share options

1.1.2 Update “dropdown” and 3000

With the 1.1.2 update of Minecraft Multiplayer which is dedicated on lot of optimizations speed and bugfixes, we have also updated our main menu to become a “dropdown” menu. This will allow a easier use of our website.

And…last week we have reached 3000 registered servers.

1.1 Update - Achievements

The version 1.1 of Minecraft Multiplayer has been released and the major part of it is: “Achievements”

What is the point of having achievements? First: the fun. We think that, like video games, achievements are a fun way to discover a service and all it’s features.

For our future contests, we will now use them also as conditions (example: member with at least 10 achievements can enter the contest…)

We are also thinking about a users leaderboard based on them.

Currently, there are 26 achievements. We will gradually add more achievements.

To see the full achievements list: http://minecraft-mp.com/achievements/

To see your achievements: http://minecraft-mp.com/achievements/my/

1.0.13 Update - Browse Youtube videos

You want a preview before joining a new server? Now you can browse easily through Youtube videos of our registered servers.


1.0.11 Update

The score

The score is not based anymore on “average players connected for the last 45 days”. The score is now based on :

  • server uptime
  • how long since your server is registered
  • votes
  • "social votes" (facebook "like", GooglePlus +1, Twitter tweets)

Votes security

Now the system will also look for a username to see if someone as already voted for a server. This will prevent visitor to vote several times in 24 hours with the same username.

Votes username

You can now automatically assign a username when your players come to vote for your server.

If you add “?username=xxx” at the end of the vote URL, the username field will be automatically filled.

A new partner: Minecraft-skins.com

Minecraft Multiplayer has a new partner:

Looking for the best Minecraft skins? 
Find the best Minecraft skins on Minecraft-Skins.com, we offer over 400+ unique Minecraft players skins for you to select from.


A comment system on Minecraft Multiplayer?

Some server lists have a comment system. This allow registered users to add comments on servers.

When we started Minecraft Multiplayer, this was on our todo list. But after thinking about it, we are not really sure that it’s very useful.

If we allow comments without moderation options, it will soon be a mess. But with moderation options, users will only allow positive comments.

But instead of take a decision alone, we want your opinion. Just click this link, and vote:http://micropoll.com/t/KE5CSZNOHb